Virgin have persuaded Vanilla Ice to apologise for what he did - and he drips with sincerity, clearly induced by the realisation of his grave contribution to the ridiculing of hip hop by the mainstream media. That and the massive cheque he's blatantly getting for this - not just from Virgin but the free advertising as people realise they can't play their cassette version of Ice Ice Baby anymore and have to buy it to play 'ironically' at parties (or check they still know the whole routine and all the words).

The website asks what else we would add to the list - Milli Vanilli, David Hasselhoff and Peter Andre all come above the Crazy Frog, whilst the rest of the top ten seems to be largely haircut related (Bros, Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Billy Ray Cyrus etc) . Then, hilariously, part of the manifesto says this:
But real music is not ours to judge. It isn't defined by what's underground or popular, it's what excites or what moves you. It's what makes you sing along or the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
Firmly handing the democratic judging of good music back in to the hands of the public. Who bought all the music they're claiming is rubbish in their millions. Vanilla Ice made half the world sing along, and I'm pretty sure the hairs on the back of plenty of necks stand on end. Although it is quite a funny concept from Virgin, they also make a bizarre claim that the V Festival isn't a part of the
...World awash with the incenserity of reality pop stars and pre-fabricated, celebrity seeking, silicone enhanced lip sync-ers.
This years line up includes; Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Alesha Dixon, Lady Gaga and Pete Doherty.

Cynical I may sound but I'm far from it. Last night at Cargo, Peanut Butter Wolf played an amazing AV set, which leapt from hip hop to 80s soul, a Michael Jackson medley that had me screaming concert style, loads of commerical late 80s dance music, back to Wu Tang, Mos Def & Craig Mack, ending on a jump up and down Dilla set. Some weren't happy (quote - "What was up with PBW's Chumbawumba-Wetherspoons-Wiggle It Just A Little Bit set?!") but as I found myself doing the running man to Pump Up the Jam and grinding (alone) to Imagination, I felt that all music has it's place. Even this did last night - (and PBW is a legend for including this in his set) the topless homo-erotic homage to "pure hip hop, no sell out!" and doing the splits in puddles from Marky Mark which clearly inspired so many.

Long live music wrongs.