Antipop Consortium find a new home at Big Dada...

A pretty natural move for the group who created a cult following and became known as "avant garde hip hop". Antipop Consortium is the kind of intellectualized off-kilter stuff that makes 30 something backpacker types all wet, but is still really good music, and any fans of hip hop that's saying something will no doubt eagerly anticipate a new album from this crew.

Big Dada always used to confuse me, the name conjured up Ty & Roots Manuva - who is still on the label and is their biggest artist - and I thought it was strictly UK. It's actually the hip hop imprint of Ninja Tune and really it just has a specific remit that APC definitely fit; intelligent, thoughtful, discomfortingly honest (and sometimes angry and scorn-tinged) adult music from artists such as Saul Williams, Mike Ladd and MF Doom. Recently it's all gone rather modern with Speech Debelle, XRabit & DMGs etc, but it's nice to see they're still flying the backpacker flag.

Antipop Consortium perform live at Cargo Sat 9th May (Soundcrash).