Cherry Picking...

I subscribe to approximately 135,799,456,356,888,243 other blogs. You will almost never see me just straight re-posting something on here but that doesn't mean I'm not trawling through it all at 3am - luckily for me plenty of blogs are saying the exact same thing as each other so it cuts down on time. Here are some of the cherries I've been lucky enough to pick this weekend.

Amel Larrieux is back. If you didn't manage to catch the surprisingly funky Orange Glow earlier this month here it is. Our friends SoulBeautiful sent this track out as their download of the week - join their mailing list for weekly goodness. Download Orange Glow here.

According to Amel's label Blisslife, this will be out tomorrow, and they will be dropping a single every month until they're good & ready to release the album. She has been so consistent over the years (who else is still jamming to Groove Theory?!) I doubt it will be anything less than beautiful.

Aloe Blacc is getting some love on Current TV - I sincerely hope he's coming back to London on tour soon because quite frankly there is nothing like his live show. If you rap, sing, flip it in Spanish, play trumpet and ignite a party in under 10 seconds you're pretty special. I can't wait to see what his new album sounds like...

Aloe's label mate on Stones Throw Dâm-Funk could probably poo in a box and people would want to blog about it right now - and for good reason, Dam is the man. Let's Take It Off is available for early digital release now and the 12" will be out next month. Don't watch the photo by the way, he's a very down to earth lovely bloke.

Just in case you missed the stunning Hood Pass Intact take a listen here...

I'm loving this Bat For Lashes cover of Use Somebody by The Kings of Leon and can't stop playing it - no idea if there are plans for a release, I believe it was part of a BBC 1 session. Kings of Leon seem to appeal to even the most hard core soul/ hip hop fans so I didn't think this would be a stretch - enjoy.

I didn't think I could love Roisin Murphy any more but I just found her blog. It is full of downloads and has a link to her other blog "Interesting Music". I was really excited about the 4 acoustic tracks from her days in Moloko - please Download & do some amazing remixes.
Familiar Feeling (Acoustic)
Forever More (Acoustic)
Sing It Back (Acoustic)
The Time Is Now (Acoustic)

OK - there was hardly any hip hop in there but that's because I've got something so tasty coming up tomorrow. Until then.