Hypnotic Brass Ensemble @ The 100 Club 21st May 2009

Funnily enough my sister said earlier this evening, "I would go and see Hypnotic Brass Ensemble every day if they were in London" as Ben V. dropped one of their tunes at the Shook Magazine launch party, and I think most of their fans would agree. The boys are back - the price tag has gone up since they played Broadcasting at Cargo with Tony Allen in February - you can read Katys review here...but I'll still pay the £20 door tax to see them live for a fifth time.

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There can't be anyone left in the world who doesn't know who I'm talking about - but just in case here are the 8 (plus a drummer) Chicago born sons of jazz musician Phil Cohran playing in Times Square recently - this is one of my favourite songs of all time, Sankofa (click to d/l). Sankofa is a rework of Losun (click to listen) by afro beat legend and master drummer Tony Allen featuring singer Yinka Davies, from his classic album Lagos No Shaking. Lagos no shaking just means Lagos is alright, it's doing ok in pidgin English.

Here is their dad Kelan Phil Cohran - trumpeter, composer, former member of Sun Ra's Arkestra, and founder of his own group The Artistic Heritage Ensemble...no wonder they're amazing.