I'm a little toxic, are you?

I just read this article over at Soulbounce about "Toxic Music Heads"...personally I think they were a little tame & nice about the definitions, and there are obviously variations and cross overs but I'd say most people fit in to this somewhere. Unfortunately, I'm probably closest to what they call a snob (largely due to poor time management) with a bit of all the others mixed in. Read their types and cures...which are you?

1) Living in the Past: Regardless of when you were born, you generally believe no good music was released after you turned 25. (Cure: Talk to your parents. You can't be any worse than them.)

2) A Liar: Por exemplé--"Oh, I listen to a little bit of everything!" No you don't, which means you, in effect, are lying your ass off. (Cure: Use some other lie if you're trying to get laid.)

3) Hype Beast: You chase trends without regard to quality. If a song is more than a month old, it's "so over." (Cure: Quiet time in a room with no technology. In fact, read a book.)

4) I'm So "Different": You exclusively chase unknowns and newbies (regardless of genre), and quickly discard them once they catch on with others. (Cure: You're the same person wearing multi-colored Chuck Taylors, a blazer, and skinny jeans. And so is everyone around you. You can all go somewhere and be "different" together.)

5) Lamb: If you've never heard of it through established means (terrestrial radio, BET/MTV, etc), it's wack and you can't be bothered. (Cure: Grow the eff up.)

6) FunCrusher: You over-intellectualize every single aspect of a song, parsing out the instrumentation, lyrics, vocal runs, and the artist's life story until there's virtually no enjoyment left. You turn leisure activities into a chore. (Cure: Record an album, since you know so much.)

7) Taste Burglar: Did you just recommend a dope artist to a friend and claim credit when they tried to hip you to it three months ago? Yup, you're a burglar! (Cure: A cookie, since that's what you seem to want anyway.)

8) A Snob: Your listening habits are exclusive to one or a few sounds and artists, and you use your elitist musical taste to determine who you will socialize with. (Cure: Musical taste isn't a college degree. Perhaps it was enough for you hear that.)