Major Lazer

Hold the Line ft Santigold has been on repeat for days round my way, so I thought I'd do a little profile on Major Lazer. In case you didn't know it's Diplo & Switch's new project and as always it's worth checking. From what I can glean Major Lazer is supposedly:
A Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984, the US military rescued him and installed experimental lasers in place of prosthetic limbs. Now he runs a dancehall club on Trinidad and spends his time producing his next EP with producer allies Diplo and Switch at his side.

Yeah. The other version is Diplo & Switch got stuck in Jamaica after the hurricane & ended up recording with Elephant Man, Gyptian, Ms Thing etc etc - as one does. Anyway, here are four tracks floating around for you to check out - my favourite is far and away Hold The Line but the others are pretty large too. Download em HERE

Hold the Line (feat. Santigold & Mr Lexx)
Mary Jane (Mapei & Dr. Evil)
Zumbi (feat. Andy Milonakis)
Lazer Boom 1 (Album Mix by Diplo)

Oh, and if you have an iphone and haven't got enough apps or are bored of playing the flute download the Mad Decent iphone app & make your own lazer noises HERE...

Mad Decent iPhone App from Mad Decent on Vimeo.