The return of Eska

I'm pretty sure anyone who reads this blog know what a fan I am of Eska. I first heard her singing on Ty's album Upwards (classics like Look for Me and Sophisticated and Coarse)... I then started doing a bit of digging, and the woman has an insane back catalog, but so much of it has been collaborative I wondered if she ever had time to work on her own material. Last year brought us the incredible Sticks and Stones from Morgan Zarate, and There's Me and There's You - the Matthew Herbert album and big band live show which (literally) tore up the rule books and raised the bar of British Music ever higher. It seems amongst those projects, a million others, mentoring half the countrys' singing talent, becoming A&R at Accidental Records and writing/ featuring on 7 tracks on the forthcoming Zero 7 album, Eska has written her own.

No set release date yet (possibly Autumn), but she knows we're all panting for something, so in the meantime here are two reworks for you to enjoy.

Inside Out - Odyssey Rework

Baby Now That I've Found You - Foundations Rework