Charles Hamilton

Wow! So I wake up, jump on line with my coffee and look at what the US of A has been doing. Twitter was my first portal. I was quite shocked at this whole Charles Hamilton thing. So there have literally been death threats due to the fact that he has put Dilla as his executive producer on his new album. I'm not going to justify my 'No 1 fan Dilla status' and when I initially read Mr.Hamiltons reasoning on his blog, , I didn't think it was that much of a big deal. I thought that perhaps he's just showing his respect and love towards an artist he looks up to and appreciates. After all , he is donating a percentage of the money made to Mrs. Yancey. Now that cant be too bad can it? Then I came to my senses......If you love an artist and respect them so much, why do you have to credit him in such a way? Is loving or respecting one so much proven by telling the world? What would have happened if Mr. Hamilton just dedicated his LP to Dilla instead? People would still hate on him. Its a no - win sitution, and kind of obvious he is using his name to generate sales. Shame.