Georgia Anne Muldrow - "E.S.P" from new album Umsindo

I wouldn't normally just re-post something but I'm a big fan of Georgia and Fresh Selects and I imagine you are too so here goes some love spreading.
The album is a dedication to the African ancestors (Umsindo means “sound” in Zulu) and the song I have for you today, entitled “E.S.P.,” is a heartfelt tribute to her partner Dudley Perkins’ daughter, and the ancestors that live on within her. Musically, Umsindo is a return-to-form of sorts, for those of us who were lucky enough to hear Georgia’s pre-Worthnothings demo/sampler - this is her closest work to that since then, but with all the added growth and upped production skills to boot.
Download E.S.P. HERE
Usmindo will be released on 14th July on SomeOthaShip/ E1