Onetaste ft Little Dragon and Ebony Bones in Hyde Park

I had a lovely day out in Hyde Park yesterday at the OneTaste event as part of the Exhibition Rd festival. On the way there we bumped in to the uber-talented Szjerdene who mentioned her recent video for Soulculture so I thought I'd post that as well...

On to the rest of the day - we got there right at the start of brand new band Pearl Apollo's set. You might have known them as Elova (the lead singer T-bird writes for this very blog!), but they've reformed on more of an electronic tip and it's all rather sublime.

We ended up missing a lot of the acts due to an extended food mission, but managed to see Kate Tempest and MC Xanders sets. You can cop a free download from Kate Tempest and her new band Sound Of Rum HERE...

The first headline act was Little Dragon - I'd only seen them supporting Q-Tip at the Roundhouse and I couldn't hear the set too clearly so was super excited to catch them live again. We were treated to a couple of brand new tracks which let us know the next album (out in August!!!) will match the masterpiece of the first. For music that is so subtly brilliant I had no idea how it would work live and the answer was - even better. Yukimi's voice is every bit as stunning live as recorded, the whole sound just gets bigger, more exciting, experimental and intriguing (ooh I love what they do with the guitar plugged in to the synth, ahh what effects are they using on the drum kit?!). They ended with Wink and at that point they made fans out of everyone in the crowd.

Ebony Bones were as opposite as it gets - a huge live ensemble which is completely visually arresting - the band came out and jammed, followed by the shuffling backing singers, and eventually Miss Bones herself. I think in another setting I would have appreciated the music more, but after Little Dragon that amount of paraphernalia and madness seemed like too much style over substance. Lots of shouting and bouncing, but the crowd seemed to love it.

Onetaste will be at most major festivals this summer and are releasing a CD & pocast - for more info check them out at

*Photos by Oddisee