Tony Allen "Secret Agent" Remix Contest...

I came across this today so thought I'd share the details...

To celebrate the release of Tony Allen's new album Secret Agent, World Circuit Records are very excited to announce the Tony Allen remix project. World Circuit in collaboration with the good folks at SoundCloud and Propellerhead software are offering the opportunity to remix the title track from the album - 'Secret Agent' - a majestic slice of hardcore roots Afrobeat featuring a driving groove, penetrating guitar, pulsating horn riffs and stirring vocals. Simply put, one of the greatest drummers of all time is giving you the chance to get creative with his legendary beats.

If Tony thinks your remix of 'Secret Agent' is the best, in addition to having it hosted on World Circuit's website, on Tony's Myspace and on this blog you will benefit from a SoundCloud Pro Max account for one year, as well as either a day's studio time at Livingston Studios in London or the Reason Premium edition PLUS the Recycle software, should you not live in the UK or prefer the software to a day in a professional recording studio!
If you're not the best but second best, you will win a SoundCloud Pro Standard account for one year and a copy of Reason 4 standard edition.

Full competition details can be found here but basically this is how it goes:
1. Get the stems below. By downloading the stems, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the competition.

2. Remix the track

3. Upload your music using our SoundCloud dropbox
Send us your remixor by email no later than 7th July, 2009
4. Winners will be notified and winning entries will be posted online

If you have any questions please ask