"19" - Kissey Asplund (Download)

I'm sure someone else put up a free download recently because it was their birthday...oh no, that's right it turned out not to be free after everyone blogged about it. Well, I've double checked and Kissey's birthday download is definitely free, so head over to her blog and say thank you and happy birthday...


...Today is my birthday...as a little gift to you I decided to re-record 2 songs that i wrote when i was 19. 'Jazzcool' and 'MyWay' are the last songs i wrote before i decided that i was going to quit music, move south and start painting paintings fulltime instead...a couple years later i turned out here...life is strange...sooooo... just my voice...just my so-so piano playing...and i do hope you just enjoy it somehow.

Eat some cake with me, I'll be indulging it at 21.00 Swedish time, 20.00 UK and 3pm NY time.
Love you very extremely and see you soon out in the world.


1. Jazzcool 2. My Way

If you want them separate ;
1. Jazzcool

My Way