Why You Need to Support Mpho.

Ok, I've already blogged a couple of things about Mpho but this is serious - it's midweek, the single Box n Locks came out on Monday, and we (yes all of us) have to get behind it.

Mpho's probably not your typical popstar - she's a mum, she has a name that's hard to pronounce, and she doesn't exist off thin air and water. I find her life fascinating - her mother is a white South African, and had Mpho at a time when mixed race relationships were illegal (which apparently lead to Mpho being in jail with her Mum on her first birthday)... she moved to England at the age of four and was, to quote her song, "raised in Brixton Town", South London. It's been a long road to get to where she is now - on a major label but at the last minute so for all the pretty marketing photos & big gigs the build up has been relatively short for a campaign of this kind.

That's why I'm writing this...PMOI is about letting people know what we think is good, and for anyone who isn't sure about her, I saw Mpho perform an acoustic performance the other day with just a guitarist and we were all (myself & the two great musicians who were with me), blown away by her voice.

So please buy the single, it's only £0.79. If you're totally skint forward the video below on to your mates and get them to buy it. But please do something, because the current wave of opportunities for young black artists in the UK to step outside their old designated crappy R&B roles (which transtlates to being dropped as soon as possible) is something we should support.