Dope Event: CDR Knowledge-Beat Innervisions

The guys from CDR just told me about this event which is an absolute must for producers & anyone who's interested in the recently released Logic 9...

CDR Knowledge-Beat Innervisions

Production insights into tracks heard and developed at CDR

Wednesday, 19th August 6.30pm-11pm, Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA

We have teamed up with CW to bring you events that give you further insights into tracks heard and developed by your peers at CDR sessions.

It's also a chance for us to check out some new kit, share production tips,tricks and a drink or two!

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Production insights:


Floating Points (Eglo/PlanetmĀµ)

Simbad (Raw Fusion)

This session features Bullion, Floating Points and Simbad each sharing the production journey from one of their stand out recordings.

Working Logic

Your chance for you to get to grips with Logic Pro 9, supported by CDR community members including:

Morgan Zarate / Aaron Jerome / Soundspecies / Guynamite / Twin Cities

Running Order:
6.30pm - Working Logic - Beat making demonstrations / track productions
8.15pm - Introductions
8.30pm - 'Get Familiar' with Bullion
9.15pm - 'Soul Fever' with Simbad
10.00pm - 'Love Me Like This' with Floating Points
10.30pm - 'Open CDR' - Tracks produced during the session played - Loud!
11.30pm - END