New Little Dragon "Machine Dreams" album drops 17th August

Not much in the way of a big promo campaign but for a band this loved - who needs it? I've had a couple of songs from this for a while (Blinking Pigs & Fortune, which I might upload for you to listen to later), and the vibe is very different to the debut but of course - gorgeous. Check out Never Never below...

"The title Machine Dreams seems obvious. These days, humans seem more and more like machines, and as technology evolves, machines feel more human and it becomes fuzzy and beautiful and science fiction-ish. We feel dependent on our machines to create and live, and their sounds reflect us"
. - Yukimi Nagano

1. A New
2. Looking Glass
3. My Step
4. Feather
5. Thunder Love
6. Never Never
7. Runabout
8. Swimming
9. Blinking Pigs
10. Come Home
11. Fortune