Q-Tip - Kamaal The Abstract (Download)

Finally, the album Q-Tip was meant to release in 2002 after Amplified but his label didn't feel was commercial enough "Kamaal The Abstract" (clue is in the name!), will be out on 15th September on Battery Records. At the time Tip said -
I am really disappointed that Kamaal wasn't released. LA Reid didn't know what to do with it; then, three years later, they release OutKast. What OutKast is doing now, those are the kinds of sounds that are on Kamaal the Abstract. Maybe even a little more out. Kamaal was just me, guerrilla

Click to download “Damn You’re Cool” + 2 bonus tracks
: Q-Tip - “Heals”
: Q-Tip - “Reverber For Factory”

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