Dabrye ft MF Doom (Flako & Robert Koch Remix)

If I were male, the above title would probably have made me jizz in my pants. If it didn't have that effect on you wait until you hear it.  Taken from last years "Get Dirty", the Kode 9 remix was pretty heavy but more screw face than neck snap. I've loved Dabrye since One of Three in 2001, and in a way was suprised it took 5 years for artists like The Heralds of Change & Fly Lo to come along and blow up when Dabrye (and Prefuse 73 & all the Hefty crew etc) laid such a perfect blue print...anyway, enough musing - LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD!
      Dabrye-air feat mf doom flako robot koch remix  by  ameliaideh

Bonus download: Game Over Feat. Jay Dee and Phat Kat (Flying Lotus Remix)