Girls, Girls, Girls - A HowAboutBeth Rant by Beth Mburu-Bowie

This post is dedicated to Amelle Berrabah, every new member of every old wasteful band and every girl with a silly dream to work and succeed in pop music.
I have just read an article on the MTV website claiming that Amelle Berrabah has departed from The Sugababes. I'm aware it is a strange thing for me to be talking about but after joining a female fronted band in January this year, I have began to empathise and care deeply about music that previously could not even inspire me to blink.

My eyes have been opened to the craziness and I am really frustrated and generally sad for Amelle, and Keisha, and Heidi, and Mutya, and Siobhan. This rubbish is uninspiring, and it makes a mockery of the roles in the band that the remaining members think they are protecting by being unable to sustain a sense of community. It also devalues the music.

I am really angry that leading genius' in the music industry are yet to demonstrate better ways to encourage and inspire the same women they are unashamedly exploiting to sell their products. These women are supposed to be creating, not having their egos torn apart. For the most part, they’re all too fat, too pretty, too greedy, too stupid, too vain, too thin, too ugly and not talented enough - it keeps us distracted and confused enough to forget about creating. The important things about being in a band and working as part of a collective and even the music become a minor function, second only to keeping some soulless machine going.

Those hired to look after this kind of talent, should do more to protect that talent and make sure that their projects are worthy of inspiring the innocent market/public these poor dolls are humiliated in front of.

There is no excuse.