Hustle Simmons Heat?

Hezekiah just sent this over, and it passed the 30 second 10 seconds. Basically my body started shaking itself. It's a preview of a track on the forthcoming Hustle Simmons LP (Dave Ghetto + The S Ence). From what I could work out this track features Porn, Dave Ghetto, Hezekiah, Poindexter, prod by Tha S Ence.

I'm looking forward to getting hold of that and...probably playing it to myself in my house. Unless I can convice a club DJ somewhere in the UK. This might be a contentious issue but what Dave mentions at the end about that being a "differential" song made me wonder. There must be loads of good music coming out that gets buried. What makes a song coming out of the so called "underground" scene blow up and stand out obviously as "differential" in 2009/2010 - is it the just music? Or is it something else?