"Lookout Weekend" jazzed up to the max by Mr Confuse

How're we doin folks!!! It's Kenneth "am I the only one with an erection in here" Fever again!!!!
I came across this record at a night called "Struttin'" at Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. It's a cracker of a night with soul and funk music all night with a sprinkling of hip hop, R&B and reggae. Baaaaaam!!! That's what I'm talkin about! None of your crap! It's run by the boys from WAXWELL RECORDS and obviously I danced like a wizard the whole night.

Mr Confuse (http://www.myspace.com/mrconfuse) is a German producer who also worked under the alias of Breakout to do that Planet Rock cover played many a time in B-boy jams. Zun zun zun zun zun zun zun zun zun zun zun zun zu zu zu zun!
Planet Rock Pt 1 - Breakout

And the main topic of conversation here:
Lookout Weekend - Mr Confuse

You can buy HERE or on iTunes.

Here's the 80s original from a lady I used to date back in the day Debbie Deb. Good times! I used to help put curlers in her hair at night.