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We seem to think we're pretty much the centre of the universe in London but I so often find myself salivating over Ireland's Choice Cuts newsletter - their event programming & recommendations are always absolutely flawless and they often get shows we don't here. I was so blown away by all of the music they posted below I'm just re-posting it for you guys. For more info on Choice Cuts check the website -

Download fever for you all, and fittingly all the acts are playing for us(you) in the next month or so. Enjoy and please feel free to comment.
The man of the moment, Los Angeles boogie don Dam Funk drops his LP next week ‘Toeachizown’. Here is a track for you titled ‘On and On’. If you like this, cop the LP, it’s a classic, and on another note you can also check him out on the sublime Butter Lp by Hudson Mohawke. Both albums are essential listening.
From the sunny south of Ireland, Brian Deady has recently released his Lp ‘Interview’. This song is produced by Colm Kenefick and it’s one of the albums strongest cuts. Very warm and earthy, reminiscent of Omar in his heyday, but delivery is definitely in Mr. Deadys own style. Great to see music like this coming out of Ireland, Brian is supporting Mayer Hawthorne & The County in Crawdaddy on Saturday October 31st.
This long overdue release on Strut picks up from where Music Man Miles left off with The Breakestra. Scratchy guitars, snapping drums, thumping basslines and melodies galore makes The Breakestra  one of the most consistent funk bands of the last 10 years. The Breakestra are playing with The Candidates on Saturday November 28th in The Button Factory….highly recommended
There is not much more for us to say about these guys, if you have not witnessed them live yet, shame on you. War is an epic masterpiece of a track that featured on their street albums and was reworked for the recent Honest Jon’s release. This track along with Balicky Bon would be their most well known. 4 date tour of Ireland next weekend…Hyp Hyp Hypnotic!
Everyone knows Mayer Hawthorne’s story by this stage. ‘Your Easy Lovin’ follows in the vein of ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out’ and ‘Maybe So, Maybe No’. If you like your soul served sweet, you can do no wrong than checking Mayer’s music out. Fans include Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Ghostface, Mark Ronson etc..Mayer & The County are playing Galway and Dublin on Fri 30/Sat 31 of October respectively. Mayer went straight into the top 10 itunes worldwide when this album dropped last month, highly recommended.