Chris Read presents... THE LITTLE BROTHER SHOW‏

Chris Read is one of those DJs whose name you might not see on every line up in London every weekend, but when he does do something he goes all out. I've talked about The Diary and his other very impressive projects on here before and he's done it again. I got so worried when I saw "I Need You" on here, one of my favourite songs of all time, but he took just took it in a different direction (I can listen to this version through my headphones in public without fear of giving off too many pheromones).

1 - The Little Brother Show (Intro)
2 - Little Brother featuring Carlitta Durand - Life of the Party (Chris Read Remix)
3 - Big Pooh - Strongest Man (Chris Read Remix)
4 - The Download (Interlude 1)
5 - Darien Brockington featuring Little Brother - I Need You (Chris Read Remix)
6 - Little Brother - Whatever You Say (Chris Read Remix)
7 - The Tour Life (Interlude 2)
8 - Little Brother - The Way You Do It (Chris Read Remix)
9 - Hope You Enjoyed The Show (Outro)

Download HERE