DâM-FunK returns to the legendary Deviation

As I think everyone on the planet knows, Dâm will be back in London on Wednesday for Deviations' 2nd birthday party. I think most would agree Deviation by now is a legendary London session and I've been blessed to work on it as a promoter for over a year, alongside Benji B, Layla, Rahel, Jude, Santi, Ben, Euan & Bart (+Kay on the flyers!) who were the team last year, and more recently with Benji, Jude, Alice, Zainab, Ben & Bart. (I've had to bow out now due to insane business). *I never know if anyone knows about all these brilliant people work so hard to make it all happen - so now you do!

Last years birthday was such a special session, and it was beyond packed - this year if you don't get there by 10pm good luck to you, those bouncers don't play. The line up is insane - Benji B & Dâm Funk are holding down the basement, and upstairs are Alex Nut *only guest DJ to play Deviation 3 times! (Rinse FM/Eglo), FunkinEven (Eglo), Moxie (Deviation), Mr Wonderful (Non-Sense) and Santi-San (Eardrops). I hope this signals yet another incredible year for the session which to me is musically unparalleled in London, I've met loads of amazing and lovely people at, and it continues to fly the flag for the some of the worlds best underground avant garde music.  

Download Afterglow Stroll by DâM-FunK HERE & Moovmnts Damn...Funk!?! mix HERE