Daniel Merriweather and Adele "Water and a Flame"


I had somewhat given up on pop music, (Cheryl Cole is #1 so it's not me just being a snob). Szjerdene put me on to this song a while back and at first I felt Merriweather was over-singing, but on a second listen I actually really like it. I think Adele is fantastic and she shines on the second verse, her voice makes the song for me - I had goosebumps all over at points. I was a serious 90s r&b chick (long braids and everything), and you can imagine Boyz II Men & Mariah, or Destinys Child & Next (or East 17 & Gabrielle if things went horribly wrong), doing completely over the top versions of this song 10 years ago. It probably would have had some really cheesy instrumentation & a huge choir on it rather than the beautiful and sophisticated orchestration and BVs producer Mark Ronson went for.

This is set for release on Sunday digitally & in the shops on Monday for those that buy CD singles (?!). I hope it goes in at #1 for the sake of pop.