DJ Cam Presents InLove - Stories

InLove is French hip-hop producer DJ Cam's soul singing protege, and Stories is their first full release together, which is out now on Inflammable Records. At 40 minutes long, this 10 track soul album manages to combine modern production techniques and styles with classic soul influences like it was a mere walk in the park. Well, that's the class of DJ Cam, I suppose!

01. I Want You
02. For Minnie Riperton
03. Sweetest Pain
04. Talk To Me
05. Winter In New York
06. Rain
07. Fight
08. Rock With You
09. Look Of Love
10. Real

Naturally, InLove is the linchpin for this entire record, and she wont let you forget that in a hurry. Her sound is somewhere between Roisin Murphy, Sade and Jenny Wilson, so as you might already gather, she's very good indeed. There's a distinct array of styles present on the album, from straight up mellow soul, to near on disco soulfulness - but with smooth, rich vocals and extremely tight production throughout, it's all a genuine joy to listen to.

You might not think it to look at her, but InLove spent the first 15 years of her life in Nigeria, totally under the influence of the African arts, fast falling in love with reggae, soul and funk music, and learning African dance and how to play drums. Upon moving back to France with her Mother, she was snapped up by a modeling agency and became renowned in such global circles, but this allowed her to experience even more types of music from around the world. At 20 years of age she met DJ Cam and they worked on some collaborations, but the natural progression for InLove was to make a full solo album, and so here we are today.

InLove counts artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Jill Scott, Sade, Dusty, Springfield, Kelis, the Neptunes, Portishead, and Estelle as her inspirations and seeks to create music that reflects her personality, "warm, sensual, deep, luminous, sunny and full of Love", as she puts it herself - and it certainly shows, too. Upon hearing this collection of songs, it is very apparent that there are a lot of emotions shining through, and I think this sincere and honest delivery certainly helps enable the listener to connect with the music on a deeper level.

Needless to say, I'm totally in love with this record, but you really need to hear it for yourself. You can catch some clips here...