Joy Jones - Over

Joy Jones has just released this brand new video for her track, Over, taken from her recent album Godchild. The video was directed by Coodie and Chike (directors of Kanye's "Through the Wire" video), and The Soulful Fundamentalist (Keith C. Harris) and, as you can see for yourself, it fits this stunning track perfectly.

Although it is one of the shortest tracks on Joy Jones' Godchild, Over is actually one of my favourite tracks from the album. Simple, yet deep and angelic at the same time - it delivers an acutely profound message in a soulful style - an electronic afro lullaby, if you will.

If you haven't copped Godchild yet, then you my friend have found yourself having slept on one of this summer's top albums. It's out now, everywhere, on Love Jones Recordings/Future Soul Records - so make sure you check it out!