Bill Withers Has Ruined Everything.

This was what kicked off all the problems...

I went to see the Soul Power film and after that the blog ran dry for a few days. Everything failed the "Bill Withers Test" (is it 50% as good as Bill Withers? No? Not posting it). I was so excited about it I put on an event because I felt everyone had to see it. I eventually got over this, but then I went to see Still Bill at the BFI and it all began again.

Now it keeps coming back in waves - sometimes I just can't post so and so's latest project because it's failing the BW test and I know I won't be listening to it in 6 months let alone 30 years. I've been listening to Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall which is a true masterclass in, well, class. Bill is without question one of the greatest songwriters of all time, who made music without compromise, broke rules, and can make you cry in under 0 to 10 seconds. If you send me music, I would really appreciate it if you could take the BW test for yourself before you do. Thanks.