Dil Jackson - Player Has Butterflies

No doubt you can work this one out for yourselves; it's a J Dilla/Michael Jackson re-work. This track, Player Has Butterflies, is from the upcoming J Rocc project on Stones Throw called Share My Bed.

Player Has Butterflies has been floating around in cyberland for just about a week now, but I couldn't risk it slipping idly by anyone - you have to hear it! It pairs Jackson's You Give Me Butterflies with the Dilla produced Slum Village track Players. Now, Michael Jackson re-works are nothing new, at least conceptually, but I honestly cant remember hearing a better example of one. It's easy to say it on a whim now, but can you imagine if J Dilla had actually produced a Michael Jackson album?!

There's not much info around right now about J Rocc's project, pretty much just this track, but it certainly bodes very well!

Check it out...

mp3: Dil Jackson - Player Has Butterflies