HEAVy is no more...

I just randomly happened across Nicky from HEAVy's blog and noticed the following -

so HEAVy is no longer.
Big surprise? Eh, didn't think so.

Anywho. I've written this entry about 100 times already over the past 2/3 weeks, drafting it each time. Tearfully. Apologetically. Thankfully. Angrily. Spitefully.

I think brevity is best.

All in all, thank you guys for the love and support. And if you don't have the back catalog... HERE YOU GO.

HEAVy JAzzmonEY$$
HEAVy First Sessions
HEAVy Odds & Ends

odds & ends btw is Time/Make You Mine/Too Long Ago/Fire/Can't Be The Way


Now back to business as (un)usual.

oh, post script. please don't ask me whats next for me. 

Yow. Not sure how the label's going to feel about those download links but 'tis not for me to judge. Totally understandable not to want to be asked what's next, but I imagine we'll find out soon enough, both Nicky & Casey are very talented individuals.