Kathy Diamond is the don

Hello it's DJ TKO here!!!! Bringing you the best of whatever music I've been playing on my belt drives!

Here's one from Kathy Diamond - a cracking Sheffield lass who I used to date back in the 90s, just before she got famous. She's been championed by many including Mo'Funk, resident at Pacha Ibiza and DJ Barry Peters of Halifax Hospital Radio, also manager of Zany's nightclub in Skipton and Corfu.

Mostly produced by Maurice Fulton of MU, her 2007 debut album contains some proper gems. This track from the album "Miss Diamond to you" will set your heart racing, feet shuffling and send your consciousness out into the ether.
This is one of my favourite tracks and I'm sure it's one of your favourites too. What a cracker!

Kathy Diamond - Racing thru time
Download here