The Lightbox November '09

I have to say, I've never been anxious about going to a venue before (unless you count the roller rink for a mate's birthday), but The Lightbox in Vauhxhall looks a bit like a very intense fairground attraction you stay in for 4 hours. The lovely Zayns posted this video of Flying Lotus there from back in April the other day which was apparently incredible...

Two parties happening there this month might mean I have to trust everyone who says it's amazing. The first is Citinite x Luckyme with a huge line up -
I swiped this mix from The Fader so enjoy - Download: Citinite x Luckyme Funk Mix

*The Broadcast – Gosub
*Hot Sex, Hot Love (demo) – Lil’ Kenny
Milk – Robert O’Dell
*Dirty Illusions – Rozzi Daime
*(untitled instrumental) – Michael Fakesch
(I Need A) Modernaire Lover – Complexxion
*The Last Time I Saw You – Gosub
Electro-? – John Davis
Modernaire – Hot Persuasion feat. Egyptian Lover
*Mirage – AD Bourke
*Hot, Raw, Sex – Jimmy Edgar
Interstella – Sweat.X
I’m That Alley – Sweat.X remixed by Mike Slott
*You’ll Understand – Markus Wormstorm
*Hang Glyde – Mynk Rychardz
( Tracks marked * are unreleased exclusives )

The second is a Ramp party. I haven't seen Tokimonsta yet but I've heard big things...

See you there if you're brave enough...or just normal.