Video Round Up; Pac Div, Muhsinah, Raphael Saadiq, Electric Wire Hustle

Apologies for the bulk of this post but I've been busy. Again. Had to share a few videos that have been floating around and caught my eye...

I like Pac Div. I like black and white videos. I like this song.

Muhsinah is always on point of course and I broke my neck bopping the first time I watched this little teaser for "The Oscillations:Triangle" due for release on iTunes Dec 1st.

Raphael Saadiq "Staying In Love" and staying with the retro theme he's working so well. I seriously hope his tour with Janelle Monae "Kings Keep Marchin" heads in this direction next year.

Bonus: Electric Wire Hustle "Perception" - I missed this video when it came out last month but I've been listening to their "Every Waking Hour" EP constantly.