DJ Kunto's "Edits For The Floor" EP

This EP is from Ghanaian producer/DJ Kunto Ofori. "My dad likes them, as do my relatives, when I play them at family events" she says "so they're tried and tested!"

The previously PMOIed cut of Marvin Gaye's Calypso Blues has been re-EQed and mixed down.

You can Call me Al (DJ Kunto edit) - Paul Simon

Seeline Woman (DJ Kunto edit) - Nina Simone

Mayibuye I Africa (DJ Kunto edit) - Vido Jelashe

e gbe mi (DJ Kunto edit) - The Benders

Calypso Blues v2 (DJ Kunto edit) - Marvin Gaye (new mix)

Download as zip file HERE