Dirty (filthy) Projectors

I've loved this band for a while now, but it's taken till now to tell about them. I wanted them to be my little secret but I'm learning that I may not always get what I want.

Dirty Projectors are a band, they live in Brooklyn and are lead by a dude named Dave, Dave Longstreth to be precise. Right now there are 6 people in the band but there used to be more, at least eleven-teen. One of their former members is the mighty Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend.

Dirty Projectors make vocal driven, soulful, silly and serious indie rock. They put a smile on my face, sometimes I giggle at how off "centre" their musical imagination wanders, because it's that good.

This video is fir Stillness Is The Move from their 2009 release Bitte Orca  just nuts, and beautiful, and silly all at once.

Llamas, Wolves, and Singers, Oh My!!

Mburu-Bowie xx

*Editors note - we featured a Dirty Projectors track called "Ascending Melody" on We Love Vol 14 and a DP cover by Solange Knowles on We Love Vol 5...sorry for ruining your secret Beth!