Download: DTMD - "The Basics" EP

Growing up I always had a sense of being behind somehow because Michael Jackson was so amazing aged 5, and I have that familiar feeling writing this.

Last time I was in DC I was introduced to Dunc and 'Toine, two emerging artists making their way up in the DMV hip hop scene who could count amongst their friends, collaborators and teachers some of the finest producers and MCs in the area. I was blown away by the way Toine basically spoke entirely in hip hop lyrics (many of them probably penned before he was born), and Dunc was sending eager yet far more established producers obscure samples he wasn't yet ready to flip. They're 19.

Oddisee is one of thier key champions and Dunc actually produced The Shining on the debut Diamond District Album, whilst Toine was featured on '95 North on Oddisee 101 - here's what he had to say about them...

"These two dudes are way doper than I was at their age. I can only imagine what they'll be on when they can legally drink." -Oddisee

That being said this isn't a prelude to make you feel sorry for them and download this EP - I genuinely like it and have a feeling I'll be hearing a lot more from DTMD in the near future.

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