The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José Gonzalez

I've just discovered that a documentary about José Gonzalez is opening the 33rd Göteborg International Film Festival...this is a bit of a strange blog post but we [if you're reading this that includes you] have to find a way to see it.

Apparently it was made "With a combination of video diary, surveillance camera, concert and tour footage as well as animations the filmmakers Mikel Cee Karlsson and Fredrik Egerstrand have followed one of Swedens most interesting artists - José Gonzalez."

- It is a fantastic film. Not only a portrait of one of Swedens finest artists but also a successful attempt to portray the creative process which turns it in to a forceful defence of the beauty of art and the people creating it, says Festival Director Marit Kapla.

Lets hope it's better than this Google interview anyway.