The Heavy

The Heavy

Ninja Tunes have a subsidiary record label called Counter Records. Among that roster you will find one of the most electrifying live bands that Britain has to offer. That band is called The Heavy, and pardon the cliché but, words cannot describe the flurry of emotions I experience when they're brought to mind.

A four piece band from Noid, they cite Howlin' Wolf, Bo Didley, and The Parliaments as a major influences on their music and describe their sound as a dangerous collection of beats and riffs aka 'dirt'. I believe it! They took me under their wing as a percussionist and backing vocalist during their European Summer tour in 2008, and I'm still reeling.

(L-R. Daniel, Spence, Chris, Swaby)

Their Sophmore Album "The House That Dirt Built" tonight, was released in October 2009 and they are currently taking America by storm. A recent appearance on The David Letterman Show left the host so desperate for more that for the first time in the history of the show, Dave asked The Heavy for an encore.

Beth Mburu-Bowiexx