BUG - Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks on Jus Like Music Records


Better late than never! I intended to post this yesterday but time slipped away. Jus Like Music is one of my favourite blogs, and though I don't think very many could truly make the leap and put out music as a label - if anyone can it's them. This is their very first release, a free promo in order to build some support which they undoubtedly have a lot of already. I was actually feeling "Cosmic Lab" by Bug when he sent over an earlier unmastered version, it even featured on We Love Vol 2. A young London based producer, this is one for the beat heads - enjoy.

For more info check out www.juslikemusicrecords.com

<a href="http://shop.bugmusic.net/album/cosmic-lab-20-winks">Cosmic Lab by BUG</a>