Diamond District x Trek Life European Tour

I had to post this up. A couple of years ago I ran a night called Lookout!, where we booked acts like Oddisee, Trek Life, and Blu (yes, they have all played in London)... but things have changed and as you can see they all tour Europe without stopping over here now. People still hit me up demanding to know why they don't have a show here but I'm not about to go in to my thoughts on all of that right now - another time. Anyway, check out the video to see the new edition of what we're currently missing - and listen really carefully to Trek Life's songs, they're brand new tracks off of his new album coming out in a couple of months I'm lucky enough to have heard (start getting excited, it's absolutely brilliant).

Trek Life, who needs to get a proper coat & stop being so LA.

Diamond District (X.O., Oddisee & yU L-R)

Blu & Oddisee