José James "Code" MP3 + Blackmagic (belated review)


I've been meaning to write something about Blackmagic for a while, but needed to keep it on rotation for a while. Code came out as a free promo download today but for once I would say don't bother, just buy the album.
        JOSE JAMES - CODE  by  Brownswood

José James seems to exist in a different world... It sounds a bit like this world but without war and farts and being skint, because it's too full of love and beauty and the kind of sex 14 year old girls think they'll have one day. I'm not cynical, but just before I press play (and it is definitely a press play & leave it on album) I have to take a deep breath and leap in with both feet.

That might sound like the prelude to a slagging off but it's not - Blackmagic is akin to heaven once you're in, just don't play it straight after a nasty break up. I don't write objective reviews because it's such a personal blog, (if you're male look away now), and I have to say Mr James is at his best when he moves from romantic and slyly suggestive to put it on repeat and make some babies "in the darkness...". Made for Love and Blackmagic will make you name your first born José, even if you're Nigerian.

It's quite hard to pick stand out tracks when it's such a gorgeously crafted album start to finish, but Love Conversation, a duet with Jordana De Lovely, is a real heart (and review) stopper. Don't try to operate any machinery or do anything sensible whilst it's playing, it doesn't work I tried. On a completely different tip I wasn't expecting Warrior, which I thought couldn't get any more intense until I heard the Sbtrkt remix- I need to hear this at Plastic People, on that soundsystem.
        Jose James - WARRIOR (Sbtrkt Remix)  by  Brownswood

I don't often say this, but I would highly recommend this to anyone I know, and I think you should buy it if you haven't yet - I'll certainly be playing it for years to come. (iTunes US/ UK)

You can catch him live in the UK from 18th - 22nd March