Krystle Warren at Soho Theatre, London

People kept asking me 'Have you heard Krystle Warren?'...i went to see her solo acoustic show last night at Soho Theatre and spent the evening with the same beatific look on my face as my friends did when talking about her. She generally seems to have this effect on people. She even managed to make a London crowd sing!... jazz licks sehn!..thats power. I want to review the show but I just drift into superlatives like 'amazing' and 'incredible'... both of which nearly describe that voice. A depth and breadth of feeling and humility that recalls a strange and lovely cocktail of artists like Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong, Cassandra Wilson and Jeff Buckley.

Catch her live in London til the 27th February.

So heres a slice of whats fine from her latest album Circles out on Because Music
, yum yum yum!