Gonzales 'Jazz Chess' Movie with Peaches, Tiga & Feist


Erm, yes you heard right - "Jazz Chess" the movie.

It's actually called "Ivory Tower", and stars eccentric genius Chilly Gonzales as Hershall Graves - an eccentric genius - 'who invents an intuitive and collaborative style of play called "jazz chess."' I know some jazz heads who just came in their pants at this news but wait; it gets better.

Opposing him in chess, as well as in love, is his materialistic brother Thaddeus (played by electro producer Tiga); the object of the brothers' shared affection, a performance artist, is played by longtime Gonzales collaborator Peaches. Also appearing as a duo of "Canadian Chess Cyberchannel" journalists are comedy rocker Little Hamm and Gonzales' longtime friend and creative partner, Feist.

They are even creating the script as they go ("Jazz film-making"). It should be ready this Autumn...

In the meantime make sure you download the "Pianist Envy" mixtape - a hilarious and brilliant must have. Download HERE

[Source: Spinner]