Janelle Monae Covers Prince at the BET Awards

I didn't watch the BET awards - I tried but as I tuned in Chris Brown was doing an MJ tribute. It was very well done, but I don't think being a talented celebrity and crying in front of millions of people to "Man In the Mirror" should be hailed as some kind of redemptive gesture worthy of the publics "forgiveness". It's unfortunate Brown has become the poster child for domestic abuse but it's a serious issue that kills hundreds of women every year, and if he is to be praised for anything relating to that it should be for seeking professional help, not his dancing. The show was also sponsored by the Army with loads of adverts to join up, coupled with children in McDonalds adverts. I couldn't help but think - this is how to reach as many black people as possible with messages about things that will kill them in 3 easy steps!

All of that aside, I've just seen the video of Janelle Monae covering "Let's Go Crazy" in front of Prince.  This is priceless, watch his face, he looks like he's chewing wasps and trying to smile at the same time. I hope she does this at The Hoxton on Thursday night!

Via We Listen For You