Stac "Turn That Light Out" Documentary

Stac - Turn That Light Out // Documentary from WahWah45s on Vimeo.

It seems today is music documentaries about new artists I really like day! This one is about the wonderful Stac, who I met through the Onetaste Collective and my singer songwriter friend Tanya (who you'll also be hearing a lot from shortly). I remember showing up to their gigs with my fingers crossed I'd get to hear "Balls Bounce", it sounds fantastic live. I've recently just got back from the US, and I have to say it's so nice to see such British humour, I giggled all the way through this and only stopped because Stac's singing is just so damn gorgeous. Strings, a choir, a Cadburys caramel mug - only the best for this lady. I'll be reviewing her album shortly because it's out this month, and I believe I've already mentioned the launch party on June 19th.