"Coz Ov Moni" Premiere

My friend M3nsa is starring with Wanlov the Kubolor in the first ever pidgin English musical "Coz Ov Moni". I asked him about it and apparently they're kinda famous over there now - there were thousands in attendance at the National Theatre where it premiered and I'm not surprised, I've seen the movie and it's really good (and I generally hate musicals).

It's set in Accra, Ghana, and the story is about the guys trying to recover the money owed to them by an incredibly fast guy on crutches so they can go out and get some ladies. Will they recover the money? Will Wanlov reveal the secret of whether or not he has underwear on under that cloth? Ooh the suspense...

If you would like to win tickets to the Kete Karpet London premiere at The Ritzy this Thursday 22nd July at 6.15pm send me an email (info@putmeonit.com) by Wednesday at 3pm with the name of Wanlov the Kubolor's last album.