Silk Still Getting Their Freak On... Just About.

I found this over at Soulbounce under the title "Silk Lets Out Their Inner 'Freak' & We're Mildly Uncomfortable" and promptly had an apoplectic fit laughing whilst watching it. "Mildly Uncomfortable"?! This is akin to watching Pretty Ricky's Grandpa realising this is his last chance to get his group back together to stage a come back, and deciding the new routine will be a version of the All Blacks' Hakka choreographed by a support group for ageing sex offenders lead by a really pervy Mexican builder, as your sex-starved Aunty Monique screams encouragement from the sidelines - "they still got it!!!".    

Just in case you're thinking "who are Silk?!", this song came out in 1992 and is emblazoned forever in the minds of most mid 20s RnB fans. I distinctly remember seeing the original video for this song aged 10, and my red-faced mother trying to give me an emergency damage-control explanatory birds and bees talk afterwards. Put it this way, they had to make a new video for it, you have to log in to Youtube to watch the original I've posted below, and time has not been kind to them.