Some Folks...

This week I've mostly been listening to... folk music. Yeah I know it doesn't sound very cool but the music's rather lovely, not sure if "folk" is still a dirty word nowadays since it's not all dirty hippies and beardy weirdos. One of my favourite way to find new music is following friends links on Twitter and Facebook (not via hundreds of emails or spam messages on my Facebook wall, contrary to popular belief). So, this week I have stalkerishly discovered...

Message To Bears.


I think I came across this guy via Joe Muggs, whose links I almost always click on because he knows what he's talking about. In fact he even has a blog series called Link Or You'll Miss It which I love.

<a href="">Running Through Woodland by Message To Bears</a>

Laura J.Martin

This was less stalkerish, a while back my friend Ray told me about his friend Laura J.Martin who I knew of mainly through her work with Kid Kanevil. I even chatted to her on the phone, then totally forgot to write something about her adorable single "The Hangman Tree".

James Vincent McMorrow.

I believe the lovely Andreya Triana posted this video on Facebook, so I had a little dig and you can listen to Mr McMorrow's whole (very gorgeous) album "Early In The Morning" on his website...