Stream/ MP3: Lauryn Hill - Repercussions

   Lauryn Hill Repercussions by ameliaideh

I'm still catching up after my Croatian escapades but I had to set aside some proper time to check out the Lauryn Hill track that arrived a few days ago. I have to say - I really hope it's a reject from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill because lovely as it is she's had 12 years to create and grow and this just doesn't have the heartfelt fire you would hope for from one of the greatest writers of her generation.

The first verse alludes to racism but then it all gets very vague and non-committal, the kind of thing you might expect from someone who doesn't really know how to get their point across through brilliant story telling - but that ain't the Lauryn Hill I remember. Of course, she could sing the Thong Song and it would still sound amazing because of her beautiful voice, but it would break my heart if with the long rumoured (and now quite likely looking) return she, for whatever reasons, holds back.