Download & Video: Department of Eagles

The lovely Tanya Auclair introduces me to gorgeous music (hers included), pretty much every time I go to her house. The most recent addition was Department of Eagles, a project that Grizzly Bear's Daniel Rossen got involved in with his NY Uni room mate Fred Nicolaus in 2000. It's just so gorgeous, I even found myself wanting to buy their Christmas album ("A Johnny Glaze Christmas: Classical Snatches and Samples a Go-Go"), but I feel in love with "In Ear Park" (2008) in particular. They're like a gorgeous lovechild of Radiohead and The Beatles and erm, Grizzly Bear. Anyway, if you put ballet dancing soliders in your video you win as far as I'm concerned - pas de chat bang bang.

They've kindly uploaded a couple of free tracks for free download, so grab  In Ear Park & No One Does It Like You here