Jamie Woon "Night Air"

I have come to the realisation Jamie Woon is one of my favourite living singers*. I know him though so I hope he doesn't read that and think I'm a weird stalker (of the 101,937 views of his song Spirits on Youtube at least 100,000 were me so I suppose I am a bit of a musical stalker).

He is finally releasing a new single in September, and after years of hitting replay on his Myspace page and Youtube videos, there are rumours his album is coming out soon too! I love Night Air, unfortunately I saw the acoustic version below numerous times before hearing the radio friendly version above. It doesn't leave me with quite the same sense of incredulity and intense goosebumps that hearing the song live does, but it wipes the floor with everything in the charts (in my opinion). I will be supporting this campaign with every fibre of my being, so if you aren't a fan you may want to avoid me for the next few months.

*Post updated 9.9.2010